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Regarding the Science of Reading

Brandon Sherman, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis; Angel Nathan, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Elise Swinford, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Annela Teemant, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

One approach to reading instruction that has gained prominence recently is “The Science of Reading.” This approach has been the subject of government-backed initiatives in many states, Indiana included. This session provides perspectives on the rhetoric, research, comparative approaches, and SoR affordances and cautions for teachers and multilingual learners.

Salon A 

K-12, Teacher Education, University/Higher Education

EFL Education from a Critical Lens


Rehab Morsi, IUPUI; Mathew Hume, IUPUI


Balanced Education (BalancED) is an Egyptian education foundation that seeks to strengthen the level of education in Egypt to international standards at all levels, including EFL. The International Center for Intercultural Communication (ICIC) was contracted by BalancED in early 2021 to complete two tasks. First, ICIC provided six weeks of online intensive professional development in best practices of EFL education to 14 of BalancED’s teachers. Second, ICIC developed an 8-level intensive curriculum in basic English communication skills for BalancED to use with Egyptian teachers and students.
In this panel discussion, Rehab Morsi, lecturer and lead instructor with the Program for Intensive English at IUPUI, and Matthew Hume, ICIC’s Director of Educational Programs, will share their experiences of this project in twofold. In the first part, they will discuss the development and the delivery of the curriculum and the TOT course. In the second part of the presentation, the presenters will examine their work from a critical literacy lens where they reflect on the limitations of some western pedagogical concepts in EFL contexts. The presenters will propose a list of implications for a future EFL curriculum design and TOT that are just and inclusive.

Salon B

Adult/Community Programs, Teacher Education

Community Engaged Research

 Laura Liu, IUPUI;

Anakarina Hurtado, Ivy Tech;

Sari Brodey, Parkside Elementary;

Vivian Alvarez, Richards Elementary

This panel includes author participants in a multilingual children’s book project inviting parents in the community to share cultural and linguistic funds of knowledge (Moll, 2019) in community and classroom contexts. This panel will reflect on the transformative impact of sharing authored stories in formal and informal learning settings.

 Salon C,

Adult/Community Programs

ELL Support in the Elementary Classroom


Anna Handy, MSD Warren Township

Are you a classroom teacher with ELL students in your classroom? Are you an EL teacher looking for ways to support your collaborating teachers? Are you a coach or administrator seeking resources to provide guidance for language support in the general education setting? Are you an aspiring teacher, collecting resources and strategies for your future classroom? If so, attend this session to learn and discuss research-based instructional strategies!
Our students have so many lived experiences, so many linguistic resources, and so many stories to tell. As educators, it is our opportunity and responsibility to help them develop the language to share and grow. We will begin our discussion with the WIDA Can-Do descriptors and will continue to discuss oral language development, building background knowledge and vocabulary, native language support, using sentence frames and graphic organizers, incorporating total physical response, and more. We will also discuss ways to build and maintain collaborative relationships between specialists and classroom teachers.
The presenter, Anna Handy, is a fourth grade teacher in Indianapolis with eleven years of teaching experience, including experience as a Dual Language Immersion teacher. She is currently pursuing ESL licensure through Purdue University.

Salon E

Elementary Education, K-12, Teacher Education

EL Stories in Teacher Education

Shoshannah Hernandez, Huntington University

Building on the presenter’s previous research, which explored the factors of identity, responsibility, and self-efficacy and their relation to secondary teachers’ willingness to differentiate, this session will explore an additional factor: teachers’ awareness of English learner (EL) experiences and needs. The presenter will explore how interaction with ELs and exposure to ELs’ stories and perspectives during teacher education and TESOL/EL certification programs could lead to a deeper understanding of EL needs and, in turn, more willingness to meet those needs. The presenter will detail activities and assignments currently used in TESOL/EL courses which utilize interaction and storytelling to help pre- and in-service teachers gain this awareness. Session participants will have opportunities to give feedback on the activities presented and share their own ideas for other activities or assignments that may also promote awareness of EL needs among pre- and in-service teachers.

GB 4

Teacher Education, University/Higher Education

Foundations for Teachings ELLs

Wayne Wright, Purdue University

This presentation will provide an introduction to the foundations of providing effective  instruction for English language learners. I will highlight research-supported strategies and techniques with a specific focus on helping ELLs develop their oral language and literacy skills in English, and strategies for making content area instruction comprehensible while supporting students' English language development.

GB 5


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