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Resources for Emergent Bilingual Home Learning

Below is a curated list of resources for teachers and families supporting emergent bilingual learners in the times of Covid-19. This list will be updated periodically. If you have suggestions for the list, please post them on our Facebook group: We will review these posts and update.

These are challenging times for teachers, learners, and parents. Professor of Instructional Technology Remi Kalir offers the following advice (edited here):

  • This is crisis pedagogy, this is teaching in a time of trauma, this is learning amidst uncertainty.
  • Care is as important as content.
  • All teachers, administrators and staff (and parents and students) are embarking upon this challenge together. You'll make mistakes and learn along the way. Extend grace to one another and yourself!
  • Simplicity is paramount. Embrace a minimalist approach to students’ use of technology, esp new tech, as that will be helpful and less stressful. Create simple learning opportunities that use basic tech to support students' quality engagement and connection with one another.
  • Practice flexibility. Be flexible with your lessons, your use of technology, your expectations for students & yourself. Anticipate that what works one day or one week will change; flexibility is important as your teach amidst constant change.

Resources For Everyone

BrainPop is offering access for closed schools

Free Digital Books (1 month Trial)

While schools are closed, free audio-books are available for students on

Your local library is also a great source of audio and digital books, and streaming films through the following apps:

Overdrive, Hoopla, Kanopy 

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