Indiana Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Types of Conference Sessions & Presentations

 Session Type Session Description
Discussion Group 
(45 minutes, 3 presenters max.)
An opportunity to discuss a hot topic in TESOL in a structured roundtable format. The discussion leader(s) should have a strong knowledge of the designated topic and should include the audience in the discussion.
Panel Presentation
(45 minutes or 90 minutes, 2 or more presenters)
Two or more individuals speak, leaving at least 10-15 minutes for audience questions and responses. In one format, each speaker may present 15 to 20 minutes. In another format, each speaker may make brief opening remarks (for example, 5 minutes) before the panel enters into a moderated discussion.
Poster Session
(45 minutes, 2 presenters max.)
A visually explanatory exhibit that allows for short, informal discussion between the presenter(s) and attendees, as attendees circulate within the poster-session area. Poster sessions serve as an important and interactive forum for sharing professional ideas and for receiving feedback.
Practice-Oriented Presentation
(45 minutes, 3 presenters max.)
A session that shows, as well as tells, a technique for teaching or testing. The presenter should spend no more than 10 minutes explaining the underlying theory.
Research-Oriented Presentation
(45 minutes, 3 presenters max.)
An oral summary with occasional reference to notes or a text that discusses the presenters’ topic and work in relation to theory and/or practice.
Roundtable Discussion (45 minutes, 1 presenter)Peer-to-peer facilitated discussions with a small group of attendees. The facilitator should have a strong knowledge of the topic and be able to engage everyone in the discussion.
(45 minutes or 90 minutes; 6 presenters max.)

A carefully structured, hands-on professional development activity. The presenter(s) and participants tackle a problem or develop specific teaching or research techniques.

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